Green and Gold Bell Frogs Management Plan

The Green and Gold Bell Frog, also known as the Green Bell Frog, is found predominantly in New South Wales coastal regions extending to East Gippsland in Victoria.

They have been identified as a vulnerable species that exist in approximately 50 sub-regions across New South Wales. They have dwindled in numbers substantially since the 1960’s due to loss of habitat.

The species was first discovered at the Morgan Cement site in 2001 and with the help of environmental consultants, Morgan Cement created a new habitat to accommodate these vulnerable and delicate frogs. This new habitat consists of two clay lined frog ponds with natural vegetation provided and maintained by a horticulturalist that is ideal for these frogs.

Four sub populations of Green and Gold Bell Frogs have been discovered in the vicinity of the Morgan Cement's Port Kembla site. The Morgan Cement International Green and Gold Bell Frogs Management Plan has three main objectives:

  • To maintain the four existing Green and Gold Bell Frogs sub-populations
  • To increase the population of Green and Gold Bell Frogs at Port Kembla
  • To further connect the four Green and Gold Bell Frogs sub-populations so that their numbers are encouraged to propagate.

Morgan Cement supports the Green and Gold Bell Frogs Plan to meet these objectives so that we continue to enjoy these delightful little creatures that are key to our food chain and environment. Morgan Cement financially supports qualified scientists to care for the Green and Gold Bell Frogs habitat which involves testing for toxins, minimising natural and introduced predators.

We are committed to the long term success of this project so that we continue to see the Green and Gold Bell Frog thrive in our plant and in surrounding habitats.

Read our Plan of Management PDF