Environmental Activities

Morgan Cement is commited to ensuring that our activities have minimal impact on our surrounding environment – this includes the air, water, flora and fauna.

Morgan Cement operates in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner continually striving to improve its operations.


Dust Management Plan

We proactively continue to improve our processes to ensure we comply with best practice. Emissions from the Morgan Cement plant are monitored and regulated by the Environmental Protection Authority NSW.

Read our Dust Emissions Test Report PDF

Read our Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

Read our Emissions Testing Report


Green and Gold Bell Frogs

The species was first discovered at the Morgan Cement site in 2001 and with the help of environmental consultants, Morgan Cement created a new habitat to accommodate these vulnerable and delicate frogs. This new habitat consists of two clay lined frog ponds with natural vegetation provided and maintained by a horticulturalist that is ideal for these frogs.

Read more about the Green and Gold Bell Frog Management Plan.


Environmental Protection Agency Licence

EPA Licence Number: 12643
Licensee – Morgan Cement International Pty Ltd
Port Kembla NSW 2505

Read our EPA License PDF